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Pre-insulated pipe system

PRAWTECH pre-insulated pipes are dedicated to ground source systems for GSHPs. Insulated pipes installation in shallow trenches shall be performed in accordance with the requirements and design guidelines (including in the ground freezing zone). The high flexibility of the product allows for avoiding obstacles in the ground without the use of elbows and bends.It is a self-compensating system of linear extensions, so there is no need to use fixed points and compensators.

The products offered allow to achieve better thermal insulation conditions for pipes and increase the mechanical safety of horizontal pipes of the ground source installation.

Construction of PRAWTECH pre-insulated pipe system:

1. HDPE 100 / RC SDR 17 polyethylene inner pipe in black, according to PN-EN 12201-2: 2012
2. Internal insulation is made of cross-linked PE foam polyethylene with closed-cell structure. Non-absorbent insulation with constant thermal insulation properties.
3. The corrugated outer casing pipe is made of black high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Pre-insulated pipes are approved for use on the basis of the PN-EN 15632-1-3 standard. Pipes are dedicated to work in industrial pipe systems, with particular emphasis on ground sources for a heat pump.

*Pre-insulated pipes in a wide range of diameters and pressure series are available on individual request.


Pre-insulated pipe HDPE 100/RC PN10 SDR17
in a coil of 50 meters
size code
40mm/63mm OZERPIZO4063
50mm/75mm OZERPIZO5075
63mm/90mm OZERPIZO6390
75mm/110mm OZERPIZO7511
90mm/125mm OZERPIZO9012


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