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Propylene and ethylene glycol concentrates and their aqueous solutions

The anti-freeze liquids offered by PRAWTECH are intended for use in heating and cooling installations, GSHPs installations, industrial cooling systems and central heating systems. The use of an ecological and modern inhibitors allows glycols to work with various materials, except for galvanized elements. PRAWTECH GEOTHERMAL offers:

● Ecological concentrate of propylene glycol PRAWTECH EKO PK;
● PRAWTECH EK ethylene glycol concentrate;
● Ecological propylene glycol water solution PRAWTECH EKO PR -15oCoC;
● Ethylene glycol water solution PRAWTECH ER -oC.

The offered anti-freeze liquids are based only on pure raw materials enriched with corrosion inhibitors, dyes and anti-foaming additives. PRAWTECH glycols are offered in IBC 1000 kg containers. Propylene glycol is green, ethylene glycol is blue. Collection of the tanks from the construction site or the seat of the partner is included in the price of the product. The offer applies to the territory of Poland.

Protection against chemical and biological corrosion:

The offered propylene and ethylene glycol concentrates guarantee stable operation of the units with full protection against corrosion for a glycol-water mixture concentration of ≥ 25%. PRAWTECH products contain environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors of the highest quality.
It is recommended to mix glycols with treated, demineralized water.


The product should be stored in original closed containers. When the liquids are stored indoors, away from direct sun exposure, the warranty period is 36 months. It is not recommended to store the product outside the building for a longer period in constant exposure to sunlight and changing temperature conditions.

Transport information:

The product is not classified as dangerous for transport. It can be transported by any means of transport. As a substance which is not hazardous in transport, it does not require special treatment. The product is not subject to general regulations in the field of road (ADR), rail (RID), sea (MDG Code) and air (IATA) transport.

The product does not contain ingredients that meet the criteria for PBT or vPvB substances according to Annex XIII of the REACH Regulation.

More information about the product is available in the “Download” tab.


Propylene glycol concentrate

with PRAWTECH EKO PK inhibitors
quantity [kg] code
Ethylene glycol concentrate

with PRAWTECH EK inhibitors
quantity [kg] code
Propylene glycol solution -15oC

with PRAWTECH PR inhibitors
quantity [kg] code
Ethylene glycol solution -15oC

with PRAWTECH ER inhibitors
quantity [kg] code
1000 kg

Packaging: IBC Container 1000 kg *


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