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PRAWTECH Terra manifold chambers, R and D series

TERRA R and D series of manifold chambers refer to a component of the PRAWTECH geothermal system: ground source technology for heat pumps. The TERRA chamber consists of a manifold permanently installed in a black plastic chamber. The chamber has been designed to protect the hydraulic distributor against the pressure of soil and ground water and guarantee access to basic regulatory and service activities.

The Prawtech company offers manifold chambers in two dimensional standards:

● Terra Mini chamber in the range of 2-6 sections
● Terra Opti chamber in the 2-16 sections

All PRAWTECH manifold chambers are equipped as standard with 40mm ground sections. The diameter of the transition pipes is 63 mm for chambers from 2-6 sections, and 90mm for chambers in the range of 7-18 sections

All PRAWTECH manifold chambers are delivered to the customer after passing the pressure and flow tests in accordance with the internal quality control procedure.

The hydraulic distributor for the ground heat source Prawtech R series consists of two collector bars made of HDPE100 material with outlets (so-called lower heat source sections):

- The supply manifold bar * is equipped on each section with brass linear flowmeters in the range of 8-38 l / min. Flowmeter allow for regulation of the flow and cutting off a given section of the geothermal installation through a ball valve integrated in the body of the flowmeter.
*in the "D" chamber configurations, the supply bar, same as the return beam, is equipped with ball valves instead of flow meters

- The return manifold bar is equipped with a cut-off ball valve on each section. The ball valves allow complete cut-off of the flow individually for each ground heat source circuit.

Adjustment of the flow should only be made by adjusting the flowmeters. The valves are only used to cut off the flow.

Each of TERRA chamber manifold bars is equipped with a 1 "GW vent / filling valve. This section allows you to effectively flush, fill and vent the ground heat source system.

Basic functions of the manifold chamber

● The ground source manifold permanently installed inside the chamber is responsible for transporting the antifreeze fluid from the heat pump to the ground and back towards the heat pump's engine room. The products are designed to work with antifreeze fluids based on glycols. Fluids recommended by the manufacturer are propylene and ethylene glycols with addition of corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam additives. More details are available in: PRAWTECH chemical strength card.
● The construction of the geothermal manifold built into the chamber also allows for proper flushing, filling and venting of the groun heat source installation.


Chamber with rotameters Terra MINI
studnia z rotametrami terra mini
no.of sections code
2 OZESRM024063
3 OZESRM034063
4 OZESRM044063
5 OZESRM054063
6 OZESRM064063
Chamber with valves Terra MINI
studnia z zaworami terra mini
no. of sections code
2 OZESZM024063
3 OZESZM034063
4 OZESZM044063
5 OZESZM054063
6 OZESZM064063
Chamber with rotameters Terra OPTI
studnia z rotametrami terra opti
no. of section code
2 OZESRO024063
3 OZESRO034063
4 OZESRO044063
5 OZESRO054063
6 OZESRO064063
7 OZESRO074090
8 OZESRO084090
9 OZESRO094090
10 OZESRO104090
11 OZESRO114090
12 OZESRO124090
13 OZESRO134090
14 OZESRO144090
15 OZESRO154090
16 OZESRO164090
Chamber with valves Terra OPTI
studnia z zaworami terra opti
no. of sections code
2 OZESZO024063
3 OZESZO034063
4 OZESZO044063
5 OZESZO054063
6 OZESZO064063
7 OZESZO074090
8 OZESZO084090
9 OZESZO094090
10 OZESZO104090
11 OZESZO114090
12 OZESZO124090
13 OZESZO134090
14 OZESZO144090
15 OZESZO154090
16 OZESZO164090
Extension of the chamber
nadstawka studni kolektorowej
dimension code
H=750mm OZENADS0705
chamber extension gasket
uszczelka do nadstawki
dimension code
15x20mm OZEUSZCZ0600
Cover of the chamber
pokrywa studni kolektorowej
class code
Concrete relief ring
code OZEPB
betonowy pierścień odciążający
rozmiar code


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