Multi- section manifolds

PRAWTECH R and D multi-section manifolds

A multi-section manifold is a component of the PRAWTECH geothermal system: ground source technology for a heat pump. The manifold has been designed to guarantee access to basic regulatory and service operations. The manifold is dedicated for wall mounting inside or outside the building, alternatively the manufacturer allows the product to be installed in a plastic or concrete chamber in the ground.

All PRAWTECH multi-section manifolds are equipped as standard with 40mm ground sections. The diameter of the transition pipes is 63 mm for manifolds from 2-6 sections, and 90 mm for larger configurations.

All PRAWTECH multi-section manifolds are delivered to the customer after passing the pressure and flow tests in accordance with the internal quality control procedure.

The hydraulic distributor for the ground heat source Prawtech R series consists of two collector bars made of HDPE100 material with outlets (so-called ground heat source sections):

- The supply manifold bar * is equipped on each section with brass linear flowmeters in the range of 8-38 l / min. Flowmeters allow regulation of the flow and cutting off a given section of the geothermal installation through a ball valve integrated in the body of the flowmeter.
* in the "D" chamber configurations, the supply bar, same as the return bar, is equipped with ball valves instead of flow meters

- The return manifold bar is equipped with a cut-off ball valve on each section. The bar allows complete cut-off of the flow individually for each ground heat source circuit.

Adjustment of the flow should only be made by adjusting the flowmeters. The valves are only used to cut-off the flow.

Each of the manifold bar of a multi-section manifold is equipped with a 1 "GW vent / filling valve. This section allows you to effectively flush, fill and vent the ground heat source system.

Before installing the manifold, make sure that the surface to be assembled guarantees safe operation, stable mounting of the system and access to service activities. The hydraulic manifold has a universal design that allows the product to be adapted to the arrangement pattern of the equipment components in the heat pump engine room by setting the flowmeters and cut-off ball valves in the right or left position. The manifold does not have a mounting console as standard.


It is recommended to insulate the heat source manifold whenever the place where the product is installed is inside the building, within heated rooms. More details in Executive requirements for PRAWTECH ground heat sources.


manifold with rotameters
code OZERR
no. of sections code
2 OZERR0204063
3 OZERR0304063
4 OZERR0404063
5 OZERR0504063
6 OZERR0604063
7 OZERR0704090
8 OZERR0804090
9 OZERR0904090
10 OZERR1004090
11 OZERR1104090
12 OZERR1204090
13 OZERR1304090
14 OZERR1404090
15 OZERR1504090
16 OZERR1604090
manifold with valves
code OZERZ
no. of sections code
2 OZERZ0204063
3 OZERZ0304063
4 OZERZ0404063
5 OZERZ0504063
6 OZERZ0604063
7 OZERZ0704090
8 OZERZ0804090
9 OZERZ0904090
10 OZERZ1004090
11 OZERZ1104090
12 OZERZ1204090
13 OZERZ1304090
14 OZERZ1404090
15 OZERZ1504090
16 OZERZ1604090


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