Lower heat sources

Durable system of heat recovery from the depth of the earth.

Modern technological solutions allow to use the energy accumulated in the ground for heating rooms. The heat is not dependent on external conditions, therefore geothermal wells prove to be reliable in practically every place - both in rocks and in soft ground. It does not need additional fuel, e.g. gas, wood or coal. It is only necessary to provide electricity to the heat pump, whereby independently of the overall system efficiency there are minimum values.

Geothermal wells are popular also because of the absence of failures and comfort of use for many years. The system does not require frequent adjustment or service.

Advantages of the system:

● increasing the temperature acquired from the earth
● heating in winter, air conditioning in summer
● savings by reducing the use of traditional energy sources
● independence from traditional suppliers
● absence of failures and comfort of use
● no necessity of continuous and frequent service
● ecology


● private buildings
● offices
● buildings of public utility
● other types of buildings


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