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07 June 2010

PRAWTECH sp. z oo. announces, that contract was singed between MARR Kraków and PRAWTECH sp. z oo. about funding project ”Opracowanie Planu Rozwoju Eksportu dla firmy PRAWTECH sp. z o.o.”.

Extended range of production

06 March 2010

We would like to inform our Clients, that we extended the assortment offer within stabilized pipes of a diameter 75mm. Diameter 90mm will be available in the next few weeks.

ATTENTION!! STABI pipes of our production are fully available!

05 April 2008

We are pleased to inform our Clients, that we extended our offer of stabilized pipes (PPR-ALU-PPR) within 16-63mm produced in our factory. The application of these pipes in installations enables to limit the occurrence of excessive thermal elongation of plastic pipes

Under the influence of temperature changes of medium flowing inside the installation, pipes shrink or elongate. It concerns all the pipes made of different materials, and so it does polypropylene pipes. Wires made of plastic are more liable to this effect than metal pipes. To reduce the factor of linear thermal elongation, special type of PP-R pipes has been worked out; it is the connection of the good points of plastic and metal products. They are so-called stabilized pipes.

STABI pipe consists of 5 layers: a pipe conducting the medium, stabilizing aluminum filler, covering external layer and two adhesive layers, which cement the whole construction. Thanks to this fact the factor of thermal elongation dropped 4 times.

The factor of linear extension λ of polypropylene pipes type 3 is:
● 0,150 mm/m*K - for one-layer pipes
● 0,035 mm/m*K - for stabilized pipes (with aluminum filler)

We produce internal installations system of polypropylene random

01 July 2007

The good points of the system are:
- Modern system of pipes and fittings of polypropylene PP-R specially designed to assembly reliable, inexpensive and durable internal water supply and heating systems
- To use in new and renovating buildings
- Elements of the system are physiologically and microbiologically harmless
- Very high chemical resistance, completely corrosion free

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